New Marketing Blog on April 1? No Fooling.

Not a fool. Only a jester

Welcome to

You can only procrastinate so much.

Then, April Fools Day or not, you just have to launch your blog. Even if it’s the softest of soft launches (as in, I didn’t even tell my wife).

So here it is.

I’ll be dishing out foolishly large helpings (or, when time is short, just little dollops) of marketing goodness to help keep all you other marketers strong and fit.

I hope you’ll come back often for tips, advice, perspective and opinions about copywriting (online and offline), social media (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click (PPC), marketing strategy, branding, user experience (UI & UX), design, and all the other things (there must be others, right?) that make people click. Or not.

For now, you can follow me on Twitter @TomSullivan. will be live soon.

See you soon.

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